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We are a residential loan-providing company. We partner with real estate companies and individuals to aid their financial requirements for their projects, such as fix and flip, purchase, and rentals. Our lending services are only available for investment purposes, not personal needs.

We are partnered with Cogo Capital, the nation’s leading private capital provider. We work with investors from all over the country, funding a wide range of loans, from substantial commercial buildings to single-family homes, thanks to our combined experience of 75 years and loan transactions of over $1 billion in real estate.

Vest Fund Solutions Certified Private Money Broker provides a variety of alternative financing choices. Private money, sometimes known as hard money, is a type of alternative financing for persons who are unable to obtain traditional loans. Our alternative real estate loans are always secured by California real estate. We also provide commercial and fix-and-flip loans around the country. Furthermore, our team of flexible, creative, and open-minded individuals has a total experience of over 20 years in the alternative mortgage sector. As a consequence, we take the time to learn about you and your financial objectives. Even if it means traversing extra distances for you, we will work with you to find the best solution for your case.

Why You Should Opt For Our Services

Saving to invest in the real estate industry will take you ages. However,  Vest Fund Solutions is a private money lending company that can make your homeownership dream a reality. One of the standout benefits of our hard money lending services is that it offers speedy approval. Unlike banks, you will not wait for weeks to get your funds processed. You can have your loan processed with us in the span of 7-8 days. Every day we try our best to revolutionize how the financial sector works by influencing more people to attain private loans. Our private loan saves you from the months of wait time that banks take before a substantial response. We are capable of processing your request as soon as the collateral provided meets the minimal liquidation value requirements.

We can organize and supervise the speedy financing of real estate loans for deals that are unable to qualify through a standard bank and regular mortgage lenders thanks to our network of hundreds of private money lenders.

When you borrow money from a bank, you will be expected to sign reams of documentation. Reading through these pages is a difficult effort, and you may be unaware of the additional expenses contained. It makes no difference whether or not you have read these papers. The hidden costs that you were unaware of will apply as long as you have agreed to the terms and conditions. Vest Fund Solutions Certified Private Money Broker, on the other hand, will reveal all applicable fees before you sign the agreements. Not only that, but your credit ratings aren’t as important as the worth of your home. You may also utilize an existing property as collateral to secure cash for your future project. If you want to renovate your home, the worth of your refurbished property will also be considered. Vest Fund Solutions depends on your equity in the property rather than your credit history.

  • Minimal penalties
  • Gives room for negotiations
  • An alternative source of financing

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    “Financing was never easy before I encountered vest funds. I have been in an association with them for the past 6years. So far, my deals and contracts have always been successful when associated with them. I, for one, recommend them 100%.”

    Gerrard CullenHappy Client

    “I have only worked with vest funds once, and I’d soon be working with them again. Vest Fund assisted me with my flip and fix project in Virginia. I’m looking forward to working with them again because they are transparent and don’t require a credit score. Thank you so much, guys!”

    Zane CarlosHappy Client

    “Vest Fund has a smooth and steady process; it's like you're working with family. The entire process was simple, and they made sure not to cause us any stress. If you're looking for a mortgage lender, I guarantee you that Vest Funds is your best option. Work with them, and you will know of the professionalism I'm talking about.”

    Sophia BellsHappy Client