Vest Fund Solutions

Certified Private Money Broker

We are a residential loan providing company. We partner with real estate companies and individuals to aid their financial requirements for their projects, such as fix and flip, purchase, and rentals. Our lending services are only available for investment purposes, not personal needs.

We are partnered with Cogo Capital, the nation’s leading private capital provider. We work with investors from all over the country, funding a wide range of loans, from substantial commercial buildings to single-family homes, thanks to our combined experience of 75 years and loan transactions of over $1 billion in real estate.

Our funding arrangements differ from those of conventional banking. Because we are an asset-based lender, we are unconcerned about your credit score. Instead, we focus on the contract and approve it based on the potential.

Loan Criteria:

Our loan qualifying requirements demand that our investors own at least one property that is under contract, unoccupied, or in need of refurbishment. Investors are also required to submit a fee agreement and some necessary documents to qualify for the funding of the project.

Our Story

Vest Fund Solutions is one of the country’s largest privately held direct mortgage lenders. Our organization is committed to assisting those who require quick loans or mortgage solutions on an urgent basis for their contracts. We’ve developed highly efficient lending procedures that have resulted in industry-leading loan closing timeframes over the years.

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We strive to offer feasible private or hard money options to investors from every state so that you have the option to lock your deals promptly.