Apply for A Fix and Flip Loans to Acquire Instant Money for Your Next Property Deal.

Vest Fund Solutions is your partner from beginning to end. Our Fix and Flip Loans are for investors buying distressed properties, selling, rehabbing, or investing.

What are Real Estate Fix and Flip Loans?

Real Estate fix and Flip loans are short-term, real estate loans designed to help an investor purchase a renovate a property in order to sell it at a profit. These loans are most often used to purchase residential properties at auction or foreclosure, finance renovations, and upgrades, and cover other expenses associated with the ownership of the property.
At vest fund solutions we are determined to make the life of our investors peaceful and excelling therefore we offer customized plans for real-estate investors so they can have access to money at the time of their deal while saving themselves from paying a plethora of interests to conventional banks. The payback time of our Fix and Flip Loans can range from 12 to 18 months plus the client will have a range of options for paying it back with a small interest rate that doesn't become a burden on our client.

Benefits of Real Estate Fix and Flip Loan

The benefits of a hard money Real Estate Flip Loan for investment properties are difficult to emphasize. The following are a few of the factors that draw real estate investors to choose private lenders over conventional banks.
Quick Access to Funds – Investors bidding on foreclosures or auction properties have to have cash on hand as soon as possible. Traditional home loans might take several months to complete and provide funds, whereas hard money repair and flip loans can provide funds in as little as a fortnight.
Flexible terms – Hard money repair and flip loans are not bound by the same inflexible structures, processes, and criteria as traditional banking organizations. Borrowers who are unable to obtain regular loans can frequently engage with our consultants to learn what available options they have with Vest Fund Solutions.
Less risk – Unlike a standard house loan, which is secured by both your personal credit and your asset, a hard money loan is solely backed by the asset for which it was provided. If the worst happens, you will not lose your house.

Benefits of Working Vest Fund Solutions

We are a prominent Real Estate Fix and Flip Loan Provider Company Based in (Location), Our large clientele is proof of our distinctive financing services.
• Profitability is maximized since our percent interest rates are among the lowest in the business.
• Get the property you want – Because we are a direct lender, we may have cash in your hands in as soon as three days.
• Partner with an expert – Because we are focused on the local market, we have vital first-hand knowledge of the Texas and Tennessee real estate markets.
• Don't be concerned regarding your financing because we never sell or exchange loans.
• Enjoy excellent customer service since we do all of our financings in-house, from underwriting to servicing. That means you'll only deal with one individual for the duration of your loan.