Funding Rental Loans for Real Estate Investors

The extension of Vest Fund Solutions to Funding Rental Loans has created a variety of options for real estate investors. We have assisted in the execution of innumerable agreements over the years by providing short-term rental loans and long-term rental loans to real estate tycoons as well as individuals who have just stepped into the business.

What are Rental Loans?

Rental Loans are a sort of financing available to potential landlords who require assistance purchasing properties for investment reasons. This sort of loan was created to bridge the gap between individuals who can and cannot afford to purchase a home and to make it more viable for persons with possibly low credit records or no credit history at all. The property must be rent-ready in order to qualify. The renter is usually long-term, however rental property loans can also be utilized for short-term rentals, such as holiday rentals.

Vest Fund Solutions - Investments Rental Loans

We are pleased to provide real estate investors with term rental loans. Buy-and-hold investors who wish to establish or grow their rental property portfolio can use these loans to get started. We have moved into the long-term rental loan for properties after a decade as the most dependable hard money lender in the country. Our loans are tailored to your venture and can be structured in a variety of ways to meet your requirements.
We are rental property, hard money lenders, with complete financial management as well as in-house loan underwriting and execution, enabling us to offer flexible loans at exceptionally competitive rates and leverages. Our loans are "doc-light" – no income verification is necessary – and are designed for new investors who want to judge a transaction based on the rental property's revenue-producing capability.

Benefits of Our Rental Loans

Vest fund solutions strive to make your first property acquisition as simple and stable as possible so that you may flourish in the business and achieve tremendous development in the years ahead.
• Total Command for a Lower Investment
• Income and Property Appreciation
• Tax Deductions
• A Sound Investment
• Rates to Meet Your Specific Requirements

Expand Your Clientele by Locking Successful Deals with Our Rental Loan Services

Multiple Lending Options

With our extensive portfolio of long-term and short-term rental loans, investors can rest assured that we will find the right program for them.

No Broker Fee

Vest Fund Solutions does not broker your loans; therefore, you will never have to pay us a broker fee. We’re a direct lender that does our underwriting, processing, and funding.

A Sensation of Peace

Our team of experts will arrange and pre-approve your rental property refinance while funding your rental loans, giving you peace of mind that your exit strategy is in place.

Flexible Underwriting

Our cash-out refinancing packages for rental properties are among the most competitive on the market. Vest Fund Solution delivers the most affordable rates to ensure that our clients’ loans do not become a burden.